Thursday, September 2, 2010


After the egg recall hit home for me recently and we purged all the eggs, I was faced with a list of family meals for the week that lacked an important ingredient: eggs. Cornbread? Can't make it. I couldn't pack hard-boiled eggs for lunch, either, or cook scrambled eggs with cheese and tortillas for dinner (a family staple on deadline-heavy weeks - dinner in ten minutes!).

Since we don't each much meat, I couldn't turn to steaks and burgers to replace recipes with eggs in them. Instead, we drifted in the other direction, toward vegetarian and vegan meals.

A few months ago, I tried to eat vegan food once a week, after I read an article that suggested that avoiding animal protein might decrease inflammation. Even if this isn't true, I thought, it can't hurt to eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains for a day. But I'm no vegan. I had trouble making it through the vegan days, as I craved dairy products too much in all their glorious forms (and craved their protein as well, no doubt).

Out of eggless necessity, though, I went back to my handful of vegan recipes and served an old dinner favorite, a vegan pasta with cauliflower recipe.

That took care of one night.

Then, while I was staring into my refrigerator, I realized that I could buy locally-grown eggs at the Farmer's Market. Eureka! I brought the kids to the market with one mission: find the egg stand. I steered them past the kettle corn and corn on the cob, past the peaches and strawberries, to get in line for the organic brown eggs. Once I had two dozen eggs in my bag, I relaxed. At last.

The spinach pie I made with the eggs later that night had a strong, almost gamey flavor, as I've become used to the more anemic eggs that I buy in the store. But I'll keep going back to the Farmer's Market for eggs, until I'm certain the recall is officially over.

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Anonymous said...

Why not buy eggs from the farmer's market all the time? I know they are more expensive, but I think there is evidence that pastured eggs are more nutritious and better for you, plus they taste better.